Our business relies heavily on agriculture.  We are farmers first.  Our farm began in 2011 on about 70 acres.  We began using traditional organic farming practices, but we quickly began to refine and improve our practices as we gained experience.  Over time, we learned which varieties were best suited for our region and we cultivated newer, more efficient ways to grow.

Our goal is to improve the entire industry, not just our company.Once we had sufficiently perfected our own farming techniques, we began seeking other local farms to grow for us on a grander scale to help us meet the growing demand for our products.  As with any healthy partnership, we felt important to share our knowledge and experience with the farmers to help them be as efficient as possible.  We advise our farmers about soil preparation, use of herbicides and pesticides, nitrogen applications, field locations, crop health, harvesting practices and storage techniques.

In addition to partnering with local farmers, we also found a productive partnership with Cornell University.  Trading research and best practices, Cornell has shared their research and findings from our farm with farms throughout the region, even those growing for our competitors.  Our goal is to improve the entire industry, not just our company.  In that vain, we have been an active participant in the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, a lobbying group that serves to strengthen New York State Agriculture.