2-Row Base Malt

This hand crafted, floor malted 2-row barley is grown locally here in central NYS. A standard base malt that is low in protein, high in extract yield and carefully kilned to maximize its flavor profile. With a slightly higher yield than our 6-Row Malt, expect a clean, sweet flavor with a malty aroma suitable for all beer styles. E-mail or call for lot specifications and pricing.

2- or 6-Row Pilsen Malt

Both these varieties are also grown locally here in central NYS. A standard Pilsen malt that are both low in protein; and deliberately kilned at lower temperatures to preserve their enzyme package. With a mild grassy aroma and light straw color it’s perfect for Pilsner and Lager style beers, along with high adjunct brewing. E-mail or call for lot specifications and pricing.

6-Row Distillers Malt

This hand crafted, floor malted 6-row barley is grown locally and specifically sourced for higher protein levels. This grain is exposed to a very cool and long germination phase to optimize Diastatic Power and Alpha amylase levels. We deliberately kiln this malt at very low temperatures to preserve the enzyme package. E-mail or call for lot specification and pricing.

6-Row Organic Base Malt

This hand crafted, floor malted 6-row barley is grown organically from our very own farm. A standard 6-row base malt that ideal in protein and very plump in kernel size. Perfect for any beer style. E-mail or call for lot specifications and pricing.

Malted Corn

Malting corn is a true art in that it requires a very unique malting regime. A very cool and prolonged germination schedule allows the acrospires to fully develop and create a very sweat tasting product. Our heirloom, non-gmo corn is grown locally for as and will add a perfect sweetness to a unique beer or distilled product.

Wheat Malt

Our floor malted Soft Red Wheat is grown locally here in Western, New York as well. This product gives a very pale and distinct wheat flavor. With improve head and foam retention it’s perfect for all your wheat style beers and can also add a level of complexity to the distillation process.

Rye Malt

Our locally grown, floor malted rye is perfect for that spicy flavor and golden color in all your rye beers. It’s fully modified and will help build complexity and flavor in many different beer styles. Our rye malt is also high with starch-degrading enzymes and perfect for Rye whiskeys.

Oat Malt

Our floor malted oats are also locally grown for us. This product is deliberately exposed to an extended germination process in order to break down high bet-glucan levels. Expect a smooth and creamy mouth feel perfect for your stouts or any other beer style where a smooth finish is desired.

Smoked Malt

Smoked malts are perfect for adding that rich, robust smoky flavor to your beers, and perfect for adding that smoky complexity to distilled products. Stay tuned for an extensive variety of woods and peats to choose from; malted and smoked to the level of your desire.


Our floor malted spelt is grown organically from one of our local farmers. Spelt, also known as Dinkel Wheat is a very old variety of wheat. As a malted product it will impart nutty and earthy tones to the mash. Use up to 40% in mash bill. Ideal for any beer style including Belgian style beers as well as wheat beers.